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Colorado and Florida real estate – The best of both worlds

Colorado and Florida real estate
Colorado and Florida real estate

Colorado and Florida Real Estate

One of my favorite things about Colorado is the Rocky Mountains.  Each winter giant snowflakes float down through the trees at Mary Jane, forming a soft blanket of powder.  It’s so quiet I can hear my own heartbeat.  The views on the mountain top bring inexpressible joy to my soul, the cold air forces me to zip up my ski jacket and adjust my facemask.  At the bottom of the mountain, breathtaking ski in ski out residences line the run, smoke wafting from their chimneys.  Children prepare to tube down the slopes while their parents capture the moment on video.

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Colorado And Florida Real Estate

How great would it be to own a summer home in Colorado and a winter home in Florida?  I can’t think of two better places to split the year.  At Par 4 Mortgage, we call this the best of both worlds.  Is it finally time to make those dreams come true? 

Colorado is still the land of opportunity and adventure.  Experience white water rafting through the scenic Royal Gorge, hike at the wildflower festival in Crested Butte, bike the Great Sand Dunes National Park, fish the gold medal waters of the Gunnison River or relax in the world’s largest natural geothermic pool near Glenwood Springs.  From the woke, government worshiping liberals of Boulder, to patriots of the Yampa Valley, Colorado has variety, a place where you’ll probably thrive.

My college career began in Florida, a few miles from Disney World.  At first it was too hot and the humidity unbearable, but our bodies can adjust quickly, and soon I began to love the weather.  At night I-Drive comes alive.  Tourists from all over the world search for entertainment at theme parks, a myriad of restaurants, bars and put-put golf courses.  And when the sun comes up, of course, it’s time for the beach.

My favorite spot was Cocoa Beach and the infamous Ron Jon surf shop.  From Kissimmee it was only an hour drive and spring break was off the hook.  There was never a dull moment on Church Street, a popular location for nightlife and tasty cuisine.  Everywhere you look in central Florida, lakes full of largemouth bass are ready to be angled.

Years later my thoughts turned to purchasing real estate in Florida, but I had no idea where to start.  Dad and I took a couple trips to investigate places like Vero Beach, Miami, Orlando, St. Augustine and Sarasota.  One day we chartered a boat near Sebastian beach at caught 25lb red snappers all day long. These fish lived in an old sunken ship, 20 miles from shore and our captain was apparently the only one who knew its secret location.

I lost count of the amazing golf courses from Ft. Meyers to Sarasota, all well maintained, landscaped with pleasing palm trees.  We toured most of the beaches on the Gulf side, from the fine white sands of Siesta Key to the private beaches of Boca Grande.  One day, thousands of stingrays migrated past us as we relaxed by the surf.  Later that week manatees and dolphins put on an amazing display.  The sunsets were indescribably beautiful, and the seafood was outstanding.  Both the Florida Marlins and Atlanta Braves have their spring training facilities near Englewood, FL, fantastic entertainment!

At one point we considered building our own custom home but at the last minute found a new listing that was well under market price.  Increasing rental incomes in the area and steady tourist traffic made it very attractive.  More and more folks are moving to Florida to escape the liberal tyranny and woke cancel culture of blue states.  Most experts anticipate that even if real estate in the rest of the country levels off or declines, Florida will continue to be a good place to invest.

This is the right time to invest in Colorado and Florida real estate, to enjoy the best of both worlds.  Buy a rental property or build your own Airbnb vacation rental empire. Folks travel from all over the world to visit Colorado and Florida.  Capitalize on these world-renowned vacation destinations before it’s too late.  Whether it’s your only home, 2nd home, or an investment property, buying real estate is a good idea and Par 4 mortgage can help you finance your dream of owning Colorado and Florida real estate.

Finding a trusted and experienced partner, like Par 4 Mortgage, to close your home loans is a great way to mitigate real estate risk.  I know CO and FL and understand their ups and downs, ins and outs.  For a fast pre-approval contact Par 4 Mortgage at 720-397-0056 or email .  Consider taking cash out of your home equity to invest in Colorado or Florida.  We can recommend an experienced real estate agent to help you search for Colorado and Florida real estate.

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